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It’s finally here! Your piece of the dead, your chance to become a KryptKeeper! Launching today “Krypt Keeper” game! No risk, no tricks, decorate your krypt and earn interest on your kryptos! A new way to earn referrals, and make daily interest up to 65%+ APR. What better way to protect and earn money other than lock it in your Krypt!
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We are a new (Launched Beginning of 2022) very streamlined site with one objective – make Earning a simple task without distractions!
We believe everyone should be able to have opportunities to earn without hassle.
Keeping this site simple allows more time for us to maximize the earning opportunities for you! No popups, no ads redirecting you all over, coded by hand to ensure no web-miners or other hidden bad things!

*** No deposit / No gambling / No risk to you ***


PTC – Community ran Pay to Click. Click a link, solve the captcha, get Kryptos

Offerwalls – Surveys, PTC, App installs, Trial sign ups, Shortlinks, Games, Tasks

Shortlinks – Follow the links directions, solve some captcha, close some popups and get paid

Referrals – Earn 10% of referrals earnings on all claims over 100 Kryptos

Faucet(roll) – Have a chance of up to 40,000 Krypto for solving a simple captcha every hour!

Login Streak Bonuses : Every consecutive day logged in increases earnings! Up to 100% more on faucet rolls!

Krypt Keeper Game – Passive Income! Purchase, decorate, show off, your very own krypt! Earn up to 65% APR in interest (paid daily) on your krypto

Referrals – Earn 10% of referrals earnings on all claims over 100 Kryptos

Videos – Easily earn krypto watching videos on a spare device or window. Up to three earning videos running at once via hideout.tv and loot.tv!

Daily Active Giveaway – Earn activity tokens for completing offers for a chance of winning the daily giveaway. This includes PTC, Shortlinks, and offerwalls!

Coming Soon!

  • Android application in works, plan to launch end of 2022.

Withdrawal Options:

  • Algorand Algo(Wallet/Coinbase)
  • Bitcoin BTC(Wallet/Coinbase/StakeCube)
  • dash Dash(Wallet/Coinbase/StakeCube)
  • litecoin Litecoin(Coinbase/StakeCube)
  • More to come!


Theorem Reach
Cox Research
Adscend Media
Skippy Ads
Dripwall Offerwall

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