Frequently Asked Questions

Why is KryptoCash here?

  • We believe it should be a simple, painless process to earn cryptocurrency. Whether this is to get your start in crypto, help with a little extra income, or just to support the crypto ecosystem – there are a lot of sites out there that are SCAMS or unachievable withdrawals. Or the sites confuse the user with too many options or gambling instead of earning. We are purposely keeping this site simple in terms of how you earn, the partners we have, even the layout. This allows us to keep improving the opportunities for you instead of spending time with upkeep on WordPress or other managed sites!

How does KryptoCash make money?

  • The surveys, offers, and shortlinks are our main revenue sources. We pay one of the highest percentages of earnings back to users after figuring in hosting costs, licensing, and upkeep of the website. In some cases, we pay double for the same offer/survey as some of the “other” earning sites on the web!

Missing tokens?

  • If the missing tokens are from the Offer Wall Partners you will have to contact the support located in the app. We do not control the actual payout of offers. We have purposefully picked offerwalls that we have experience with support so if something does go wrong just contact them!
  • If the missing tokens are from faucet, shortlinks, promocodes or any other site offer – send an email to with your email and the description of issue and we will respond ASAP to resolve the issue.

Do we have to pay taxes?

  • Members are responsible for any and all tax liability associated with the use of this website. As a business in the United States, KryptoCash is required by law to report income over $600. You will receive either a mail or electronic version of form 1099-NEC and be required to report it on your taxes. You will receive this 1099-NEC at the latest January 31.
  • For US citizens every withdrawal is a “taxable event”. It is your responsibility to report all income on taxes based on US tax laws. KryptoCash will not require any additional information unless you withdraw 600$ in a year. If you hit this limit any remaining withdrawals will be help untill you fill out required tax information. This will be sent to you automatically when you hit this limit!
  • For non US citizens please follow your countries tax laws, there is no way for us to keep up with every countries tax rules/laws!